For sake of learning Flutter bit by bit, this article compiled a list of online tutorials and references so far from own experience. To Be Updated from time to time.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a mobile development SDK developed by Google, aiming to craft native mobile experience with single code base, written in Dart.

Essential checklist of Mobile SDK / Framework

  • Development Environment
  • State Management
  • Theming
  • Animation
  • Data Transport & Networking
  • Debug & Logging
  • Deploy & Packaging
  • UI Widgets Library
  • Community
  • Testing

Development Environment

Android Studio, IntelliJ, or VS Code

State Management

List of state management approaches

setState, inheritedWidget, inheritedModel, ScopedModel, BLoC, redux, MobX

Understand BLoC

understand sink, stream, reactivity nature

Effective BLoC pattern

learn to build scalable structure Flutter app in BloC way


- dark mode, textTheme, fontFamily, primary/accent color
- copyWith, Theme.of(context)

Dynamic switching theme

MDC-103 Flutter: Material Theming with Color, Shape, Elevation, and Type


AnimatedContainer vs Container

Animate Widget Across Screens

TIPS β€” Hero widget, same tag

Data Transport & Networking

JSON Serialization

Debug & Logging

use the dart:developer log() function. This allows you to include a bit more granularity and information in the logging output

Hot Reload

Hot Reload vs Hot Restart

Deployment & Packaging

Deploying Android

Deploying iOS


ShippedFlutter Engine Size

Excluding framework & app code: ~4.6MB for Android, ~3.5 MB for iOS

UI Widgets Library

Official Flutter Widgets

Community Flutter Widget

Learn from Coding

Build Flutter App Marathon

Hands-on sample by Google

Internationalization aka i18n

Accessibility aka i11y

Other Resources


Awesome Flutter

Flutter Common Widgets by Alibaba

Game Engine

Flutter in China Community