I have no doubt to call myself SUPER-CODE-AHOLICS. I code extremely long hours.

However, there are lots of body alarms happening recently on myself and friends around me, which encourage myself to openly review what I have done all these years.

Don't get me wrong ! It is not about complaining the employers or working environment I was in. I love what I have been doing and I decided to work that hard by myself.

This post is more about sharing what I did and how it affected me. Hope that would be a good reference for other developer fellows.

Working Hard as Hell

Here is the highlight summary of what happened in 90% of my jobs in my 14+ developer career. (I was graduated in 2004, HKUST degree).

1. working long hours
  • worked at least 8 hours a day, and usually 6 to 7 days a week
  • worked overnight and even slept in office
  • even when I was not working on "job stuff", I was still working on lots of coding related stuff. e.g. self-learning, coaching, reading, pet projects, etc.
![Coding is my dream job](/content/images/2018/04/venn.png)
Good at, Love it and Get paid
2. relying on snacks to keep myself focus

It might be science or just personal addicts, I ate lots of snacks.

  • candies (fav: frutips)
  • bubble tea (sometimes one per day)
  • coke
  • spicy food (fav: Snyder's Jalapeno Pretzel Pieces)
if I got 1, I could finish it in 5 minutes
3. irregular regular meal
  • I have set menu breakfast in tea restaurant everyday at around 09:30
  • may or may not have lunch. if YES, I have it either before 12:00 or after 15:00
  • may or may not have dinner. if YES, I have it either before 18:00 or after 22:00

What I gained

  1. earning development experience in lots of projects
  2. lots of certificates + a master degree
  3. picking up new technologies
  4. job / career opportunities
  5. false sense of productivity
  6. beautiful Linkedin profile

What I lost

  1. time with family and friends
  2. time for exercises
  3. body condition

Health Problem (so far)

High level wise, I have slow blood flow because I sit for long hours.

1. Digestive System

There was "internal" bleeding discovered around 4 years ago that needs a small surgery.

2. Feet

I found this out when I felt little bit painful at my feet and was shopping for a more comfortable sports shoes.

The shop owner discovered that I had flat foot (扁平足) and also Plantar fasciitis (筋膜炎). It was most likely because long time sitting and lack of exercises.

![flat foot](/content/images/2018/04/WhatsApp-Image-2018-04-08-at-10.42.24-AM-3.jpeg)
He spotted swell here and misalignment
3. Others
  • feeling tired and sick quite frequently
  • cold hands

What's changing / improving

Overall, I am now at the stage that I am paying more (money and effort) to recover my damage already made.

1. Eat better

My wife is vegan and learnt quite a lot on nutrient while taking care our children. Now she is helping me to plan my meals, provide supplements and make DIY healthy snacks (fav: dried fruits and salad with nuts).

One more word on Vegan. I heard about Vegan around 4 years from Ka Fai Choi and then recently being educated by my wife. Vegan style does not only improving your health, it actually can cure lots of other diseases as well. Read How Not To Die.

2. Exercise more

Moved to village near Sai Kung town. There is a basketball field that I can play basketball (shooting for half an hour before getting on minibus). There is a swimming pool just reopened for summer season. There are lots of running trails near the Sai Kung pier area.

3. Have better shoes

As advised by the shop owner, I bought shoes with better Plantar support. While increasing the amount of exercises from time to time, a better shoe for day time office wear helps avoiding harm it further.

4. Work less

I am trying to work only 5 days a week now and avoid staying back too late. Still long hours but getting better and better with the help of my partners.

Enjoy work and enjoy life

Friends around my age (or even younger than me) had lots of similar issues as well. I am trying to blog this down and want everyone to review their own body condition NOW !! Listen to any alarms your body is telling you and recover the damage done ASAP.

  • exercise more
  • try vegan

everyone ~
Live long and prosper ~