Rant: Quotation Enquiries (a.k.a. Life as a consultant)

Software Development vendor quotation how much

We have been doing software consultancy for ages and project quotation requests are received everyday. However, the following enquiry conversation keeps happening again and again.

Life as a consultant

These are the two most common enquiry emails we got:

how much does it cost to build a website ?

how much does it cost to build an apps ?

I think noone on earth would be able to answer that ... so, we can just keep asking for information

it depends ...

what kind of apps / website you want to build ?

any references ?

let say ... I want to build something similar to Whatsapp

?? sure ??

Whatsapp is a huge thingy. They have dozens of developers and spent few years to reach the current stage.

So, you guys cannot do it ?

What the ...

Of course we can, just need time and resources.

and I am not sure if that's what you actually want.

Could you tell us more about your product ?

do you have any idea what the MVP looks like ?

then we can give you a better estimation ?

We cannot tell you before you sign the NDA

Just give me a ballpark is fine

after we refuse to give estimation several times and client still ask for a ballpark before moving on

1 to 2 millions for the basic design, core apps flow and minimal backend system

Wow ... you guys are expensive !

Your day rate is even higher than Oursky !

usually we can only reply a :smile and politely ask them to find other vendors.

I appreciate your effort and you guys seems like capable.

many friends spoke highly about you guys.

However, you have to understand we are just a startup.

Hey, we are looking for long term partnership.

There are lots of potential projects we can work on together.

We will raise fund in a year.

If we work well together, we can possibly acquire your whole team.

Possible to lower the day rate for initial phases ?

reply a :smile again

How do we quote a project

okay, after all, it was just my rant. The real topic I want to talk about is the quotation process in F5 which you can find here: Software Quotation Process.