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Use Koala Ruby gem to post "gif" image

Use Koala Ruby gem to post "gif" image thumbnail

Koala is a famous gem for interacting with Facebook activity. Common interaction can be achieved with single simple method call. However, when we develop a Facebook feed poster for gif image, the gif image was not automatically played. Koala common usage For posting a plain text message to my Facebook feed: facebook_graph = Koala::Facebook::API.new(facebook_...

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Using Facebook Comment Plugin in Angular/Ionic 2+

In order to use Facebook's comment plugin in a single-page app, we must modify the provided script. Otherwise, you'll find that the comments fail to show up on the second page. This is because the script is loaded only once at startup, and it doesn't know that new elements have appeared. post.component.ts ngAfterViewInit(){ (function(d, s,...

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