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Managing environment variables in Ionic 2 / 3

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The Problem When developing Ionic 2 apps, very often developers want to store different application configuration values in different environments. For example, the backend API URLs in development and production are different. Or, two different Google Map Api keys are used in QA and production environments. Our Approach at F5 Works Storing KEY=VALUE pairs in a single...

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Ionic play embed youtube

When we want to play youtube in an ionic project. Simply using <youtube-iframe-player></youtube-iframe-player> It works great during development, and also on Android. However once it is tested in iOS, it shows a blank page with Unable to post message to https://www.youtube.com. Recipient has origin file:// To Solve this, include the...

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Using Facebook Comment Plugin in Angular/Ionic 2+

In order to use Facebook's comment plugin in a single-page app, we must modify the provided script. Otherwise, you'll find that the comments fail to show up on the second page. This is because the script is loaded only once at startup, and it doesn't know that new elements have appeared. post.component.ts ngAfterViewInit(){ (function(d, s,...

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Google Analytics: Tracking Different User Types With Custom Dimensions

Custom dimensions is a powerful feature that allows you to track values that persist across multiple events or pageviews. When you set the dimension to a value, it is activated and will be attached to any event/pageview that is triggered during its active state. We can specify when it should be deactivated by setting its scope. In...

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Android sdk "system-images" eat up large disk space

My mac runs out of disk space, after doing disk diagnosis found out Android sdk "system-images" eat up 37GB. Directly DELETE them with no doubt!...

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