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Learn backend development - Ruby on Rails

Here are some references to get you started with backend development with Ruby on Rails (http://rubyonrails.org/). Ruby Basics Online courses: https://www.codeschool.com/learn/ruby https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-ruby Familiar with Ruby's community (one strong reason people use RoR) http://rubyonrails.org/community/ Advanced: Other Ruby tools / libraries https://github.com/markets/awesome-ruby...

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Learning Web Programming - 1 Month Curriculum

Q: I want to learn web development, where should I start ? F5 Works offers mentorship to people who are interested in picking up software development. Most of them have no idea what web and mobile development is about. As a result, we have prepared a 1 month curriculum for fresh beginners (and even fresh graduate who has no...

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First two weeks working in F5 Works

First two weeks working in F5 Works thumbnail

How it started When I finished my high diploma, I started to find a programming job. At that time, I saw the recruitment post of F5 Works on the internet and sent the CV for it. Finally, I got this job and now working here. It is lucky that I got a job so fast. Time runs so...

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5 months at F5 as an intern

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I had decided early on that I would take a gap year after high school, and one of my goals was to do a programming internship. In December, I sent out a few hopeful resumes, which depicted no experience other than some hobby projects on Github. I was surprised when a response came back, requesting an interview. Then...

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