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Learning Web Programming - 1 Month Curriculum

Q: I want to learn web development, where should I start ? F5 Works offers mentorship to people who are interested in picking up software development. Most of them have no idea what web and mobile development is about. As a result, we have prepared a 1 month curriculum for fresh beginners (and even fresh graduate who has no...

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Gotcha using paranoia - a soft delete gem for Ruby on Rails application

Gotcha using paranoia - a soft delete gem for Ruby on Rails application thumbnail

To implement soft delete mechanism in Ruby on Rails, paranoia is the life-saver. Sample Usage After destroying a record, the record is still stored in the database, but it won't be returned in most of the ActiveRecord collection methods. For example, the following method call only returns Product that has not be soft-deleted: Product.all There are use...

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Use Koala Ruby gem to post "gif" image

Use Koala Ruby gem to post "gif" image thumbnail

Koala is a famous gem for interacting with Facebook activity. Common interaction can be achieved with single simple method call. However, when we develop a Facebook feed poster for gif image, the gif image was not automatically played. Koala common usage For posting a plain text message to my Facebook feed: facebook_graph = Koala::Facebook::API.new(facebook_...

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No command history in Ruby console

When using Ruby console (either by irb or rails console, it's very handy to access previous commands by up arrow. However the history is broken after upgraded Ruby to v2.3+. Turns out it's a native extension readline that required by v2.3+ Ruby was missing during the installation of Ruby. Here's the quick fix: brew install readline...

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