We hire non Computer Science graduates (and non university graduates too)

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[Update: 11 May 2017]

my friend Joshua posted a valuable comment after reading my blog post. so, instead of include the points in my original post, I think it is better to enclose at the end for everyone to read as well.

thanks Joshua !

F5 Works (and 42 Labs, my previous company) hire non Computer Science graduates (and non university graduates) which most companies in Hong Kong won't. I received lots of questions regarding the reasons and feasibility behind. Here are some of the highlights of the conversations.

Developer job requires Computer Science degree ?


My Opinion

Cost of hiring "fresh" developer

Most companies won't hire "fresh" developer

We hire "fresh" developer and train by ourselves

How do we evaluate candidates ?

during coding test and face-to-face interview, we usually ask / look for:

For those you hired before, what are their background ?

We do have around 50% developers having Computer Science degree most of the time (mainly because 3 of the founders are HKUST Computer Science graduates). The rest are

Are they still with you ? Where are they working now ?

Most of them have left when we close 42 Labs. Almost everyone of them became full stack by the time they left and immediately being hired (well paid $$$) by other local tech teams. They have the skill and mindset that every tech team wants. I am so so glad.

How we train beginners

for 100% fresh candidates

we send free online courses to them and ask them to finish in a defined timeframe. Some take few days, some take few months. After proving themselves having the self-learning capability and attitudes, we would hire them as junior.

for candidates that are ready to be junior

Our tech stack

It may matters to the subject we are talking about too, so let me include this topic here as well.

Everyone in the team has to know web development. Most of our mobile projects also use web tech to build (:heart: Ionic).

The reason I think it may matter as well, because once the junior developer has picked up a subset of skill (e.g. CSS positioning), then he can be immediately be productive in several projects.

How do we justify "ready" and "productive"

There are lots of consideration in both the candidate capability, current company situation and faith. But fundamentally it is more a business thing. General rule is that we believe candidate's * output > input, in reasonable period of time*.

output = calculate\_generated\_revenue\_by(candidate.completed\_tasks)

input = salary + other company expenses + our cost on training

reasonable_period = 1.month to 3.month

How do we find them ?

hm ... we did have some job posts on some free job boards but most of them found us directly or through friends of friends.

Most of our founders teach programming courses and attend coding events regularly, most of the people we met know that we are training developers from scratch.

Why it works for us ?

We did have candidates not able to be "productive" after 3 - 6 months. We explained the situation to them, let them go and even help them to find another more appropriate development jobs for them.

Why it may not work for you ?

Team formation for reference

May 2017 F5 Works team

May 2017 F5 Works team

2015 42 Labs team

2015 42 Labs team 01

2015 42 Labs team (cont')

2015 42 Labs team 02

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