Congratulations on CommonLab Centre!

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Common Lab 煥居生活館

Special Thanks 特別嗚謝

7 September 2018 marks the official launch of CommonLab Centre, a social welfare campaign initiated by H.K.S.K.H. Lady MacLehose Centre. As a long term technical partner, our team was invited to the launching ceremony and celebrated this meaningful milestone.

2018年9月7日是由麥理浩夫人中心發起的社會福利運動 煥居生活館 的正式啟動。作為長期技術合作夥伴,我們的團隊應邀參加了啟動儀式並慶祝了這一有意義的里程碑。

The CommonLab Program began in 2017 with the mission to lessen the economic burden of low-come families. It recruits teams of volunteers from the community, which provide services such as moving and home appliances repairing at a discounted price. The Program also empowers the families with manual skills that they can master quickly. We support the Program with our specialty — we developed a online platform connecting the families with voluntary drivers.

煥居生活館 計劃始於2017年,旨在減輕低收入家庭的經濟負擔。它從社區招募志願者團隊,以折扣價格提供移動和家用電器維修等服務。該計劃還為家庭提供了他們可以快速掌握的手工技能。我們的專業支持該計劃 — 我們開發了一個在線平台,將家庭與志願者聯繫起來。

The launching of CommonLab Centre represents a solid growth of the campaign. We are very delighted to be part of the effort, and we wish it will bring long-lasting benefits to the society.

煥居生活館 的推出代表了該活動的穩固增長。我們非常高興參與這項工作,我們希望它能為社會帶來長久的利益。