Q: I want to learn web development, where should I start ?

F5 Works offers mentorship to people who are interested in picking up software development. Most of them have no idea what web and mobile development is about.

As a result, we have prepared a 1 month curriculum for fresh beginners (and even fresh graduate who has no practical skills yet).

Coding Mentorship

The main objective is for the learners to understand the common basic components of building a website.

At the end of the curriculum, learners will have a foundation to move forward, either find a job or continue learning. On the other hand, it also helps learners to confirm (to themselves) their interest in changing their career into software development field.

Project Based Learning

All the content below are free online courses and project topics curated by our development team. Anyone with computer and internet access can complete the curriculum.

There is a goal for the learner to reach by the end of every week. Something like:

  • finish all the readings
  • explain some technical questions raised by your mentor
  • finish coding projects

After first week, the learning process is focusing on practical coding project based work. These projects built by yourselves will be a valuable demonstration of your development skills to your future employers.

Remote or Sitting in F5 Works Office

There will be a developer from F5 Works reviewing your progress and assisting you remotely. Mainly through email and Slack channels. When there are occasions that longer discussion is needed (like explaining conceptual topics), phone calls will be involved.

There were several learners sitting in our office and self-learn as well. On the one hand, learning progress is closely monitored. On the other hand, learners can also get a glimpse of how our daily work look like. However, our office cannot fit in anyone and sometimes too many non-employees here may distract our daily work. Therefore, only selected candidates would be offered such option.


here is the highlight of the materials we provide to our mentees.

Week 1

Mainly for you to understand how web development is like, so that you know what is needed to build a website.

Spend first week to complete the following online courses:

Week 2

Build a personal profile website for yourself using bootstrap 4

Week 3

Build a tic-tac-toe website using Javascript

Week 4
  1. Optimize your week 3 project code base
  1. re-build a tic-tac-toe website using jQuery

Want to learn with us ?

send your self introduction to enquiry@f5.works.

Tell us your education background, working experience and the reason why do you want to learn software development. Our team will contact you and arrange the remote mentorship with you.

FAQ: can I get a job after completing the curriculum ?

After finishing the curriculum, F5 Works team will give you comments on your performance and how ready you are to work as a full time developer.

If you have demonstrated the ability to learn and passion in software development, F5 Works would even consider hiring you or refer you to other local Hong Kong development teams.

Have questions about the mentorship ?

send us an email enquiry@f5.works.

Want to work with us ?

have a look at our jobs page.

Happy Coding !